Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The World to the square

I have been in the presentation of The World in Orbyt. Several other guests have counted it already, how Rodrigo Ponce of León in 1001 Means and Pablo Herrero in Communication is called the game, which the basic keys give so that you understand about what we are speaking.
Since they had organized a presentation meeting especially directed to bloggers, he was thinking that we were going to find a product more faced to the web 2.0. They know already, social networks, participation, horizontalidad...
But it is not that. They have presented to us a new way of distributing a product of traditional communication, with a clear separation between producers of content and consumers of the same one. And with minim (therefore they told us) interaction with the rest of the network ("on Monday there will not be linkage, but one Monday they will be"). The contents have the typical icons to share across Wiggle me, Twitter, Facebook... but on having been contained of payment, I suppose that the linkage will be only useful for other subscribers. And neither for my surprise, nor at least section of Your World it seems that he is going to encourage very much the creation of users' community.
So The World in Orbyt is The World to the square. Namely the whole content of The World in role (all the editions, supplements and magazines), with the whole historical file, with a new platform to read it, seemingly more comfortable and versatile (but it will be necessary to see it working) and complemented with audio-visual additions, which for the time being seem to center especially on comments and opinion (several examples were editors of the newspaper in brief videos commenting on the news about the day). Much adapted for a newspaper as The World, which bets for the journalism of opinion and of big signatures. I do not know if like managerial operation it will work, but in any case I do not see conceptual innovation on what it is to do journalism in Internet times.
It will be necessary to see how it evolves. They have given us a user's account of one month (thank you), so I will prove it and will be telling them.

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