Friday, March 19, 2010

Malaprensa 2009

After turning out to be forced to edit all the Malaprensa earnings in 2009, I have thought that there is sufficiently good material as to recover the award Malaprensa of the year, which we already gave for 2005, 2006, and 2007.
I have chosen the candidates with a combination of my personal taste and of you, across the (imperfect) indicators of the number of received visits and the number of comments. I have adhered to the examples of strict malaprensa, according to the original definition (news, with errors fácticos, not only of interpretation). This leads me to excluding articles about opinion, like those of the titanium of the silly thing Almudena Grandes (that it rectified, everything is necessary to say it) and César Vidal. I have excluded also corrected errors, like that of Pedro and Bibi in, or that of the appointments of Marx de Cayo Lara. As far as I know, therefore, the candidates have not been rectified by the corresponding means (order me information if they find corrections or fes of errors that refer to them).
With these criteria, these are the candidates, for chronological order:
  1. Madrid, very sure city, with 11 murders to the day (almost all the means)
  2. The biggest increase of the participation in Gallicia that never existed (almost all the means)
  3. Two circular graphs on the unemployment that conceal his dimensions (
  4. The climate change, the biggest humanitarian challenge of our time (
  5. Every day 500 pages of infantile pornography are created in the network (as in 2004!!!) (
  6. The pupils of THAT romp like madmen (, and others)
  7. 12.000 portable ones lost a week in airports of the United States (
  8. Federer wins for 6-3, x-x, x-x (The New Spain)
  9. The mileuristas will dedicate almost a salary to pay the increase of taxes (Abc)
  10. Every minute 95 children die for malaria (
  11. The prices of the hotels lower 94 % in New York (The World)
  12. 20.000 children prostituyen at present in Spain (

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