Monday, March 15, 2010

Chávez and the earthquake

I read in Magonia that the news about the Abc that said that Chávez accuses the USA of provoking the earthquake of Haiti, it is a considerable distortion of the reality. Since it happened to Luis Alfonso, and I suppose that to another many people, I had seen of spent the news and believed that it could be true, meeting the personage.
But in fact, the proper news was already separating of the holder, since this one attributes personally Chávez something who according to the news had said "a press release of the executive" who had appeared in the web of a channel of state television. Nevertheless, since it is easy to verify, the text was published without signature in the section of Opinion about the web page of the television, although it is written by format rather of news. On no part it is said that it should be a press release of the government.
Naturally, a public television in the current Venezuela is not one a way not moderately independently. But nevertheless, to attribute straight to Chávez the content of everything what is said in her is obviously an exaggeration.
That I know the newspaper it has not rectified. Only I find a new version of the news, which has eliminated the attribution to Chávez of the holder, but it supports it in the subtitle.
Meanwhile, several means of the whole world have gathered the news of Abc, with different grade of delicacy and tone with regard to the attribution to Chávez or to public television. A big success of the Spanish journalism.

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