Thursday, March 18, 2010

Basque and German

One is already so used to that the means limit themselves to copying and giving the errors (or pitfalls) that spend to them others, which one forgets of that they solitos also can fix them bullshit is invented.
Thanks to Dani I read this Deia holder:
The Basque workpeople gain almost the half that the Germans
Go, I who believed that we had converged a little more with Europe. Do not worry, that here the subtitle comes:
His annual gross salary is 25.488 euros opposite to the 40.914 of the Teutonic ones
Very well, I am already remaining slightly calmer on the salaries; although really perplexed on the holder, who in addition to the calculation harms, chooses arbitrarily the Germans as it indexes (they are not those who more win of Europe) and it mixes information of years and different sources for the comparison (reading the text it is seen that the fact of the CAV is of 2009, of the INE and that of Germany of 2008, of Eurostat).
In the text that thing about appears again "almost the half", but this time comparing the Spanish salary for 2008, 21.500 euros, with those of Great Britain (46.058), Holland (42.720) and Germany (40.914). He should have said "about the half", because in a case it does not come, in other is the half, and in other it overcomes it.
My hypothesis: the one that the holder wrote put the txapela (as the news is said in the local journalistic slang to "vasquizar"), changed three countries into one (for space, perhaps) and forgot to check the calculation. A beauty, go.

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