Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Where I said I say...

The Country, principal news about front, on September 5, 2007:
Andalusia guarantees for law an apartment to the one who gains less than 3.000 euros a month
One notice the use of the present of indicative. The opening paragraph of the news was already going on to the future time:
All the Andalusians with income lower than 3.000 euros will have right for law to a worthy housing, in rent or in property, and will pay for it a maximum of 33 % of his income. The socialistic Government of the Meeting of Andalusia presented yesterday the draft of law that regulates this right, "exigible to all the public administrations", as he tells the legal text.
The text was clarifying that it would not have time to approve the law in that term, which was ending in March, 2008. So it would be necessary to wait for the following one (the current one).
Well, yesterday (2 years and five months after that holder in indicative present) the Andalusian Parliament approved a law on housing, that the descendant from that proposition would seem to be. It does not come today in front of The Country, but yes in the section Spain, with this holder:
Andalusia approves the law that guarantees the right to housing
Finally has been guaranteed the right to housing of all the Andalusians who gain less than 3.000 euros, for a maximum of 33 % of his revenue? Go, it seems that not:
The law does not introduce the right to demand in the courts the property of a house, but yes he allows to the citizens to claim before the courts of contentious - Administrative the nonperformance of the obligations on the part of the Public administrations of which there are plans of protected housing. The Administrations have of two years of margin before demands could appear for this cause.
In two years, almost five after the famous holder in indicative present, the Andalusians will be able to demand to the town halls and other administrations than they have not approved a plan of protected housing. If the today news about The Country is correct, there is no any more protected right. C'est tout. That someone explains to me:
a) how does the holder justify this content of the law used today;
b) when will the rectification of the front be published of September 5, 2007, which was including news that has turned out to be false;
b) when c ***** s are the newspapers going to stop doing pre-riodismo, and they will stop presenting like truly and in force the measurements in the absolutely embryonic state, which are simply studied, considered, announced or pondered for the politicians, or which are pure electoral caramels, bluffs, without anything behind.

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