Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Elmundo.es, caught erasing his errors

I see (route @aberron) that in Testblog tell that false news of The Onion, the magazine of humor, according to which in an Obama speech, this one was kept silent and his voice kept on sounding (as if it was doing playback) has been published in elmundo.es.
Nevertheless, the linkage does not work already. It seems that simple and smoothly, they have erased the news about his web. He not forgives not even rectification. Erasure. Fortunately, they are a little awkward, and they have left a few tracks of his miscue (still visible today at 12:22):
A. In the front searcher, if you introduce Obama they find, first of all, this result:
1. Obama: caught doing play back? Coincidence: 76.41 % - Dates: 3/5/2010
During a speech in the university of Michigan the president stops speaking, but his voice keeps on listening.
http://www.elmundo.es/america/2010/03/05/estados_unidos/1267... - [to open in new window]
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The linkage, nevertheless, leads to the elmundo.es front
B. In Google I could have found a version for the edition of The World / Accessibly that they still have not erased. It is this:

Friends of Elmundo.es: Badly for believing fellow man trola, badly for not contrasting, badly for erasing the published instead of rectifying... and I do not know if badly (or) for not being able to erase it completely.

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