Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Obama has thrown the towel

Since my friends know, I am an eager news reader on the North American politics. That's why when today I have seen the front of The Country, I have remained of stone, after this holder saw to four columns:
Obama leaves his reforms program after losing Massachusetts
Conio: what has happened? when? where? How is it that I have not read anything on the American pages that I continue? So many hours do I go without reading the American press?
When I have returned to house and have got connected to Internet I have seen that really, You do not even Steal the New York, not the Washington Post, not even Huffington Post they seem to have found out about the novelty of The Country. In fact, the content of the news reveals that the president supports his commitments, but the correspondent has interpreted that although he should say a thing, thinks other one:
The president admitted into his yesterday speech that the sanitary reform had suffered a serious reverse in the last week for happiness of the insurance companies and of the vested interests. Although he said that it kept on being his target, the creation of a new system of health is already clearly out of the priorities of the Administration.
Impossible in this climate to try now, how it was foreseen, the discussion of others big projects of the White House, like the energy reform, the protection of the environment or the educational reform. Although the resignation is not accepted officially to the electoral promises, a spokesman of the White House admitted that in these moments it was necessary "to calm down and to take an air puff". [] added bold faces
Meanwhile, the local media still have not developed the capacity of the journalist Spanish and de facto, the New York Steal it titles "Obama, with challenging tone, promises to impel his plans" (Obama, With Defiant Tone, Vows to Push Agenda) and it begins this way his news:
President Obama, striking to not - retreat, not - surrender posture in the wake of his party's humiliating defeat in the Massachusetts Senate race this week, vowed Friday to press on with his expansive domestic agenda — including to health care overhaul and tough new restrictions on banks — even if it meant have had to “take my lumps” from political critics.
[More or less: The president Obama, adopting a position neither of retreat nor capitulation after the humiliating defeat of his party in the election to the senate in Massachusetts of this week, promised on Friday to go forward with his wide plans of national politics - including a reform of the system of health and new and hard restrictions to the banks - even if that was implying to take a few blows of his political critics]
What fans.

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