Friday, March 19, 2010

The UNO asks for 390.000 millions

This was the holder of news yesterday in the edition in role of The World (of payment), referring to the request of the UNO to help the Haitians. I suppose that they were based on this office of Europe Press.
The number is in euros. In the text of the news, which Miguel sends to me (thank you), one adds that the original request is 560.000 million dollars.
Naturally, it is enough to know that the inhabitants of Haiti are 9 millions and the affected ones by the earthquake approximately 3 millions (as tell all the newspapers these days), to realize that something sounds rarely: there would be 43.000 euros (62.000 dollars) for Haitian or 130.000 euros (187.000 dollars) for affected. Approximately the current GDP of the country for 80 years.
Nobody did the accounts nor was missed. But a little of common sense and a search online had clarified that the real request, for urgent help, is 1.000 times a minor: 562 million dollars.

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